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As a Crafter, you understand that there are A LOT of materials and products to track. We must verify application settings and have orders done quickly while being very efficient with time to maximize profits.

The Custom Crafting Companion app allows you to find information quickly and easily about the associated fabric/material, temperature, and pressing time without having to reference online sources or outdated paper instructions.

Using this app can save you lots of search time for different materials, such as heat transfer paper, heat transfer vinyl, and sublimation substrates from some of the most popular vendors. There is also the option to add notes and even save your most used materials as a favorite. 

All information is directly from the manufacturers' listed information. Equipment brands may differ in functionality and as a recommendation, please test out settings for your equipment first. 

Want to know the greatest part...besides all the great information you get with the app? There is no installation and all updates are automatic! You save the app to your Home Screen and VOILA!

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